Grand Reserve Rewards is the first rewards program designed exclusively for wine enthusiasts. As we set out to celebrate your love for wine, we challenged ourselves to put together a fantastic set of redemption options. The result is our Grand Reserve Rewards Catalog.

With Grand Reserve Rewards, you earn one per point per dollar you spend at any winery, wine club, or wine shop. What can you do with those points? We didn't want to put wine itself into the catalog. On one level, wine is a logical option, but with more than 10,000 producers in the US alone, we didn't want to be a wine shop. Our goal is to team up with, not compete with the merchants where you earn rewards.

So we talked to dozens of people who, just like you, are wine enthusiasts. We gathered feedback on a wide range of wine-related items that people would like to redeem for rewards.

Some people said that free glasses would be ideal. They remarked that it is too easy to break glasses. Having a free replacement would assuage the guilt! Others talked about how they would love higher-end glasses but couldn't justify the cost (especially when it reduced the amount spent on more wine!).

Meanwhile, other wine lovers told us that glasses wouldn't be useful, because they had plenty already. This conversation led us to understand that variety in the catalog is key — everyone's needs are different, and we need to provide things for all. One common denominator — virtually all the wine lovers we spoke to had an appreciation for form and function. They want stylish products that also make their lives easier.

Armed with wine lover feedback, we wanted to know what professional wine experts felt were great products.  At Grand Reserve we are fortunate to have several wine business advisors with experience as sommeliers, importers, club owners, and in tasting rooms. The group led us to the glasses, decanters, and books that help make the catalog such a compelling place to redeem rewards.

We also looked at a wide variety of supporting products like movies and tasting kits that further your knowledge of wine. As we discover more about wine, we find more that we love, and we want to share that ability to learn with everyone.

We focused on the best brands in the business like Riedel, Schott Zwiesel, Gabriel Glas, Whirlpool, KitchenAid, and others.

A series of tour packages with tastings and more was also a logical inclusion in the catalog. We don't want to get in the travel rewards business where there are many programs and credit cards, but we zeroed in on experiences that support a love of wine.

Redemptions in the Grand Reserve Rewards catalog start as low as 750 points. Sign up today to earn more.